Mount Everest is known to be the tallest mountain that ever existed in the history of the world.  The fun and climbing experience on the Mountain Everest is something that people yearn and look forward to.  The fact that it is the tallest mountain makes it need specialized gear and equipment when it comes to climbing it.


Quality gear and equipment here will go a long way in serving you for the timing that you will climb the mountain and even long after you are off the climbing expedition.  Before setting out on the climb, it is necessary that you research and know what you really need for the whole climbing to be successful.

 Warm and fit to walk boots are recommended for the climb and walks on Everest and they definitely should go with warm socks.


Shoes insulated and allowing for space will be very effective in protecting you from frostbite since most are the times that you will be in shoes.  The mountainous conditions may be harsh or light hence the need for you to have a variety of footwear ranging from light weight mid-weight.  Liner socks are advised so that they can be in contact with the body for warmth retention. Check this website to know more!


It is important that you keep yourself warm using the clothes you carry for health purposes. Depending on time and weather, the temperatures in the mountain keep changing hence need for a variety of lightweight and heavyweight types of clothes. Synthetic insulated pants or trousers are recommended for maximum heat retention during the cold seasons.  The mountainous region may have glacier and dark sides hence the need for headlamps and glacier glasses. Watch this video at and learn more about camping.



Harnesses and clipped boots will be necessary for the tricky climbs that you will have to make on the mountain for fun purposes.   For climbing up glaciers and small mountains, it is necessary to have a great roping system with hooks for attachment.  Sleeping bags and portable tents are what you need not to forget since it is where you will be sleeping for as long as you are on the mountain.  For you to be able to produce fire and light you will need matches and lighters hence a very important aspect of camping supplies.  For you to effectively store water you will need plastic water bottles and for you to be able to excrete through urination you will need just a little bit wide mouthed bottles.  it is necessary that you involve a climbing guide as you arrange and pack all your climbing gear and equipment so that he or she can guide you on what to include and what not to.